Comparative Hearing Lab

Learning and Behavioral Microbiology Lab

Behavioral Audiograms of Mammals

Below are links to the audiograms of mammals in tabular form, along with our comments. The data are taken either from the illustrated audiogram or, in the case of our audiograms, from the actual data.

When citing an audiogram, always cite the original paper, which means you must have a copy of that paper--you can obtain copies from a library or, in the case of our audiograms, request a reprint (email For data not published elsewhere, cite this website and the date the information was obtained. We will be updating this list as time goes on.

You may link to this site, but please do not post this material on any other site.

Virginia OpossumDomestic RabbitHarbor Seal
Short-tailed Opossum Sea Lion
Mouse OpossumRodentsNorthern Fur Seal
 Eastern chipmunkHarp Seal
ScandentiaWoodchuckRinged Seal
TreeshrewBlack-tailed Prairie DogElephant Seal
 White-tailed Prairie Dog 
InsectivoresFox SquirrelSirenians
Hedgehog (H. auritus)Pocket GopherManatee
 Naked Mole Rat 
BatsBlind Mole RatHoofed Animals
Greater Horseshoe BatKangaroo RatIndian Elephant
Little Brown BatGrasshopper MouseHorse
Big Brown BatCotton RatPig
Ground Gleaning BatWood RatCattle
Fish-eating BatDarwin's MouseGoat
Jamaican Fruit BatGerbilSheep
Short-tailed Fruit BatSpiny MouseReindeer
Greater Spear-nosed BatNorway Rat 
Egyptian Fruit Bat

House Mouse, wild

Dog-faced Fruit BatHouse Mouse, domesticDolphin
Straw-colored Fruit BatHamsterKiller Whale
 Guinea PigPorpoise
PrimatesChinchillaHarbor Porpoise
Ring-tailed lemur Beluga Whale
Slow LorisCarnivoresFalse Killer Whale
Lesser BushbabyRaccoon 
Owl MonkeyCat 
Squirrel MonkeyLeast Weasel 
Pigtailed Macaque  
Crab-eating Macaque  
Rhesus Macaque  
Japanese Macaque  
Blue Monkey  
Grey-cheeked Mangabey  
DeBrazza Monkey